Saturday, February 20, 2010

Huge falling blessings

I walk a block to the train station for my daily school commute. Yesterday, I decided to take a walk along this same route and around the street as a break from hours of studying. It was cold, and more than 28 inches of snow from the two storms were still all over, although thankfully, a lot of road clearing has been done. As I was passing through a side walk by a brick building, snow bank at the street side, I was noticing some blocks of ice that fell from the roof of the three-storied edifice. I was thinking, “This one is the size of a conventional CPU. If it falls on a person passing, it could be disastrous. But I had to pass through here if I would avoid the street and the fast cars. Lord, please do not let any of these fall on anybody.” I pushed aside pieces of ice that blocked the path, and walked through. A couple of meters past the building, I heard something fall and crack. I turned back, and saw just-fallen blocks of ice, two are of the same size that I passed by. It was just a matter of seconds. They could have fallen while I was passing through. I could have been hit by any of those. But it did not happen. Coincidence? Luck? Blessing. Deliverance. God.